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Why Design?

Back when I first began studying design, there was a conference, and a speaker who talked about the art of typography. The speaker described how the slightest tilt of a lowercase letter could give a playful personality to the whole font. This attention to detail – the discovery that, in truly great design, the smallest of elements matter – has been my driving force ever since. To me, even the tiniest details are important to the larger picture.

Why Marketing?

Macy’s once ran an ad campaign that simply asked: “What inspires you?” It’s a broad question, and a fitting one for their image. Just like a perfect outfit can inspire a great day, or a fully stocked kitchen can inspire a great dinner party, Macy’s wanted shoppers to know that their store would have everything needed to feel inspired – and create something with that inspiration. The campaign sparked a lifelong desire to get to the root of what inspires any company – and any audience.