JetBlue Feature

A design sprint over 4 hours to create a feature for an existing application. Using an existing design system to improve the overall appearance and UX of the app as well.



This feature provides users of the JetBlue travel app the ability to save a flight path and length of a trip, to refer back to when they wish to check prices or use as a booking shortcut. In its current state, to book a flight the user is required to enter a start point, end point, dates of travel requested, and finally passengers. With saved searches, a user can easily refer to a route they often use and save steps in the booking process. Saved searches also allow for more filters so a user can refine their search even further. These filters make the save search feature a price tracker as well. With this feature, it's even easier to plan an impromptu trip to Nashville or a three day weekend to visit family.


Concept Process

I was inspired to create this feature as my parents live in Florida and keeping track of flight sales can be time-consuming. I would love to quickly check an app every month or two when I want to book a quick flight.

I quickly mapped out the search functions I would need, along with filters that I would like to use. Once I refined those elements; I walked through a quick user journey to confirm my concept.



Hi-fidelity Screens