Project: Website Redesign

Small Company looking to expand their digital footprint
(this project name & superficial details have been omitted)


Starting point


Brand A has grown quickly in the last 2 years. They opened a second office and became involved in local and state government. They are looking for a way to convey the heart of the brand and Owner’s mission statement in the digital world. The website was dated and customers were asking for more ways to interact with their accounts digitally. With newer technology emerging in their field it was important to integrate a customer portal for billing and customer account maintenance to stay competitive.


I worked with the owner to create a brand persona to drive digital content and campaigns. Their website information architecture was revised to solve the recent dropoff problem for new visitors. Also the creation of a customer portal to give clients a central location to review their services and make a payment.

reaching the Solution

Once we refined the brand tone, we updated the visual brand guidelines as well.

I worked with a copywriter to analyze the current materials and optimized them for digital content. The current website analytics were reviewed to understand what content was most popular and areas that needed little extra attention.

Then recommendations were made for a new site hierarchy and original creation of content. Once these were approved a new website was built, (sitemaps, wireframes) and a plan was put in place with the current team to keep content fresh and reusable on multiple digital channels.



Original Sitemap

Revised Sitemap

Lo-Fi Wireframes